From Local WordCamps to WordCamp USA

Janette O'Shaughnessy

Janette M. O’Shaughnessy wears many hats. She is the Marketing Communications Manager at BiOWiSH Technologies, an upcoming biotechnology company headquartered in Cincinnati. She is also the founder of Murder Ink Agency which is a digital agency that works with select clients to build effective WordPress websites. Janette is also an avid WordCamp advocate, a cofounder of the Cincinnati WordPress Meetup and one of the founding organizers of WordCamp Cincinnati 2016.

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Reflections of a WordCamp Newbie

Jared Banz

People attend WordCamps for a variety of reasons. In the case of Jared Banz, when he attended his first WordCamp in March, 2016, it was at the urging of a colleague, Dustin Hartzler, who happened to be a WordCamp volunteer and a WordPress expert.

Jared attended WordCamp Dayton within a month of opening his own digital marketing agency, SumoLeap. Jared decided to leap right into the fray and present a session on Local SEO, which is the art of helping local businesses rank in the top search engine results.

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Cincinnati WordPress Meetup

Cincinnati WordPress Meetup

It gets lonely. Having an expertise or passion, striving for excellence, in a field that requires a combination of technical expertise, deep and broad knowledge, cerebral thought, and often times solitary work at a keyboard for execution. Sure, you may work on cross functional teams to serve the needs of clients, but each team member focuses on their particular business need. But who can you chat with to sing the praises of various tools? To compare notes on plug-ins? To find which themes are most effective and which have shortfalls? How can you step away from the weeds to look not just at the trees but also the forest to talk about trends and best practices?

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