Thank You For Making WordCamp Cincinnati 2016 A Success!


WordCamp Cincinnati 2016 would like to thank our sponsors, speakers, attendees and volunteers for an amazingly successful inaugural WordCamp.

Filled to near capacity, WordCamp participants enjoyed a friendly atmosphere where socializing and networking were actively encouraged. Speakers provided engaging and informative content. Sponsors provided both business expertise and financial support. Volunteers received the gratification of building a WordCamp community from an abstract concept into a vibrant reality.

If at any point you felt conflicted regarding which session to attend (because there were so many timely topics presented concurrently), fear not. Session recordings and presentations will be posted soon for review.

Did WordCamp whet your appetite for all things WordPress? Feed that hunger by joining our monthly WordPress Cincinnati Meetups.

We plan to make WordCamp Cincinnati an annual event. Please consider how you might wish to participate next year. Please share your experiences with your network – now, and in the future, as we begin to provide information regarding WordCamp Cincinnati 2017.

WordCamp Cincinnati – A No Politics Zone


Swing state. Red state. Blue state. Donald. Hillary. She said. He said. Give us a break. Take a break.

Retreat into code nirvana at WordCamp 2016.  A well-functioning, agile website is a thing to behold. A thing of grace. Learn how to build something new. With facts. With skill. With enthusiasm. Leave your politics at the door. Register now. Debate? Sure, we’ll debate which plugins are best or which themes are our favorites. The rest? That can wait ‘til WordCamp Cincy concludes.

From Local WordCamps to WordCamp USA

Janette O'Shaughnessy

Janette M. O’Shaughnessy wears many hats. She is the Marketing Communications Manager at BiOWiSH Technologies, an upcoming biotechnology company headquartered in Cincinnati. She is also the founder of Murder Ink Agency which is a digital agency that works with select clients to build effective WordPress websites. Janette is also an avid WordCamp advocate, a cofounder of the Cincinnati WordPress Meetup and one of the founding organizers of WordCamp Cincinnati 2016.

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Command Line Interfaces for WordPress (WP CLI) and Learning Standards Around Accessibility


Despite nearly 30 years of corporate experience in progressively more responsible IT roles, Patte Shetler found a great deal of value in attending WordCamps. She has attended about half a dozen WordCamps since September 2015.

Patte attended her first WordCamp while she was working full-time as a project manager for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Although the corporation had enterprise wide intranet, Patte was looking for a Content Management System (CMS) to use internally for her team. She knew that a WordPress website would be easy to deploy in conjunction with the corporation’s enterprise-level systems. She also understood that a WordPress website could be quickly available for her team’s immediate needs.

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Free Campy T-Shirt for Registrations Received by 10-1-16

WordCamp Cincinnati T-Shirt

Concert T-shirts. Sports team T-shirts. Political T-shirts. WordCamp Cincinnati T-shirts.

Start or expand your WordCamp Cincinnati T-shirt collection by registering for WordCamp Cincinnati now. Registrations received by October 1, 2016 will allow for shirt size selection. Registrations received October 2, 2016 or later may not include a T-shirts (dependent on availability and sizing). Register now to grow your hip and stylish T-shirt wardrobe.

Happiness Bar – No ID Required


Instead of bartenders pouring spirits, at WordCamp Cincinnati 2016 we will have dedicated experts dispensing problem-solving advice. “Happiness Bars,” a feature at most WordCamps, provide a format for Camp attendees to get one-on-one advice for troubleshooting website issues. WordPress power users, with deep and broad WordPress expertise, voluntarily offer assistance to help solve particular WordPress issues.

Come to the Happiness Bar at WordCamp Cincinnati 2016 – you will find the knowledge gained is positively intoxicating.

Want to Create Your Own Website?

Angie Meeker

WordCamp Cincinnati offering WordPress 101

Do you need a website? Perhaps you have opened a business and realize you need a website. Or maybe you want to start your own blog and don’t know how to get started. WordCamp Cincinnati 2016 can help you obtain the skills necessary to build a website. WordPress 101, an introductory course on using WordPress to build websites, will be taught on Saturday, Oct. 15 at the University of Cincinnati during WordCamp Cincinnati 2016.

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Ubiquitous WordPress


WordPress is ubiquitous. It powers blogs, B2C businesses, and B2B businesses. As WordPress is flexible and scalable, it has broad-based appeal for businesses small to large. The WordPress community ethos reflects the open source code mentality — knowledge is to be shared for the mutual goal of improving website experiences. These are some of the ideals expressed during today’s panel discussion on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition radio show which highlighted the benefits of WordPress and WordCamp.

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Reflections of a WordCamp Newbie

Jared Banz

People attend WordCamps for a variety of reasons. In the case of Jared Banz, when he attended his first WordCamp in March, 2016, it was at the urging of a colleague, Dustin Hartzler, who happened to be a WordCamp volunteer and a WordPress expert.

Jared attended WordCamp Dayton within a month of opening his own digital marketing agency, SumoLeap. Jared decided to leap right into the fray and present a session on Local SEO, which is the art of helping local businesses rank in the top search engine results.

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Community Engagement with a WordPress Website


The Cincinnati Project (TCP) uses the social science expertise from the faculty and students at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts & Sciences to help disadvantaged communities and the agencies that serve them. TCP conducts social research to promote economic justice, health equity, racial equality, improved conditions for women, and for other equity issues. TCP faculty engages Cincinnati area community members, non-profits, governments and agencies to form partnerships in order to solve problems and meet the needs of the disadvantaged in the community. A recent example of this research involved a group of students working with a community partner to collect qualitative information at the recent NAACP Conference in Cincinnati.

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