From Local WordCamps to WordCamp USA

Janette O'Shaughnessy

Janette M. O’Shaughnessy wears many hats. She is the Marketing Communications Manager at BiOWiSH Technologies, an upcoming biotechnology company headquartered in Cincinnati. She is also the founder of Murder Ink Agency which is a digital agency that works with select clients to build effective WordPress websites. Janette is also an avid WordCamp advocate, a cofounder of the Cincinnati WordPress Meetup and one of the founding organizers of WordCamp Cincinnati 2016.

The more Janette learns about the power of WordPress, the more she wants to learn. This quest for WordPress knowledge has propelled Janette to attend 11 WordCamps since 2013. Janette found that WordCamp attendance has been “transformative for both (her) career and (her) personal hobbies. (She has) met a community based on giving and sharing that has something for many types of people: developers, marketers, power users, writers, content marketers, video and graphics people and social media specialists.” Janette has experienced these benefits at both the local and national levels.

When Janette attended WordCamp US, held for the first time in 2015 in Philadelphia, she found it to be a truly remarkable experience. Whereas attendance at a typical WordCamp may include between 200-400 attendees, WordCamp US had in excess of 2000 attendees. People attended the conference from all over the world, including attendees from Asia and Europe. At local WordCamps, like WordCamp Cincinnati 2016, you can increase your regional network by connecting with a few hundred local colleagues. WordCamp US provides the opportunity to network with thousands of national colleagues.

Attending WordCamps have magnified Janette’s opportunities for learning and networking. Do WordCamps sound intriguing to you? Are you considering attending to boost your learning and networking? Register now for WordCamp Cincinnati 2016. Immerse yourself in the local WordCamp experience – maybe it will inspire you to attend the second annual WordCamp US 2016.