Command Line Interfaces for WordPress (WP CLI) and Learning Standards Around Accessibility


Despite nearly 30 years of corporate experience in progressively more responsible IT roles, Patte Shetler found a great deal of value in attending WordCamps. She has attended about half a dozen WordCamps since September 2015.

Patte attended her first WordCamp while she was working full-time as a project manager for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Although the corporation had enterprise wide intranet, Patte was looking for a Content Management System (CMS) to use internally for her team. She knew that a WordPress website would be easy to deploy in conjunction with the corporation’s enterprise-level systems. She also understood that a WordPress website could be quickly available for her team’s immediate needs.

Patte became familiar with the Genesis Framework for WordPress which can be used for running Studio Press and Web Savvy Marketing themes. The Genesis Framework facilitates website development and provides a range of enhancements that include ease of front end design as well as backend optimization.

Key learnings for Pattee at WordCamp included learning how to set up and run a WordPress site, learning about command line interfaces for WordPress (WP CLI), and learning standards around accessibility.

Patte has applied these key learnings for her business Unique Site Helper. Through her attendance at WordCamp and her ongoing passion for learning, she now builds websites for clients using the Genesis Framework and customizes the themes that run on that framework.

Patte has observed that each WordCamp becomes easier to attend. She suggests walking up to somebody that you may not know and introducing yourself. Or find an empty seat at a lunch table and sit down to enjoy a meal with fellow attendees.

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